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Fishing Report - 20 November 2015

  • 27 Nov 2015

Anglers in the Port Edward area are out in numbers seeking early summer fish. Garrick and some beautiful Bronze Bream have been landed in and around Splash Rock and Lucky Dip. A few Hammerheads have also made an appearance in the evenings. A few anglers targeting Bronze Bream in the gullies have been surprised when they were fortunate to hook into a Brusher instead and a few of these were landed.  Port Edward has been getting in on the action, with big Kingfish catches becoming more regular. Garrick are also being taken together with some decent gully fish and in the evenings, Lucky Dip is producing some nice Kob in the evening.

Margate is still producing plenty of Bronze Bream with the white foamy water conditions being very favourable for this species. Prawn and chokka baits are best suited when targeting these fish. A few Kob have also made an appearance here in the late evenings., November 2015