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San Lameer is filled with some beautiful and interesting wildlife - Reedbuck

  • 12 Jul 2017

Today we bring you the next installment of #WildlifeWednesday and with it, the Southern Reedbuck. Showcasing the wide variety of animals located around the San Lameer Estate.

The southern reedbuck is larger than the other species. It stands 80–90 cm at the shoulder. Females weigh 48 kg, while the males weigh 68 kg. It has distinctive dark lines running down the front of each of its forelegs and lower hindlegs and whitish rings around the eyes. It has a lifespan of 10 years.

The coat is silky and almost woolly. The color of its coat ranges between light- and greyish-brown, and may be lighter on the neck and chest. A small, black, bare glandular patch can be noticed at the base of each ear. White fur covers the underparts and the areas near the lips and chin. The tail is white underside, and appears short and bushy. Southern reedbucks measure an average of 85 cm at the shoulder. Females lack horns. Males bear forward-curving horns, about 35–45 cm long, with the base having a distinct band of pale, rubbery tissue.