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San Lameer is home to some of natures most incredible wildlife

  • 6 Jul 2017

Showcasing the variety of animals located around the San Lameer Estate. Today we bring you the next installment of #WildlifeWednesday, the Red Duiker. We have now had many variations of the Duiker with this being one of our favourites.

The red forest duiker, Natal duiker, or Natal red duiker is a small antelope found in central to southern Africa. It is one of 22 extant species form the subfamily Cephalophinae. While the red forest duiker is very similar to the common duiker, it is smaller in size and has a distinguishing reddish coloring. Additionally, the red forest duiker favors a denser bush habitat than the common duiker. The Natal red duiker is more diurnal and less secretive than most forest duikers, so therefore it is easier for them to be observed. In 1999, red forest duikers had an estimated wild population of 42,000 individuals.